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Noteworthy Cases

Over the years, Stanley L. Friedman has tried dozens of cases—most in which he has prevailed. Whether it has been his work as a U.S. Attorney, a federal prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney or his work as civil litigator, Friedman has amassed a long list of noteworthy victories. Of note is Friedman’s Congressional Commission which he was awarded for his work as a U.S. Attorney in leading a 50-person task force in the Major Frauds Section—a case that he successfully prosecuted against a group perpetrating a nationwide insurance fraud scheme.

Selected verdicts, settlements, and reported cases from Friedman’s years of experience are listed below.

Verdicts and Settlements:

  • United States v. Lawson – obtained guilty verdicts against tax preparer for tax crimes.
  • United States v. Pratte – obtained guilty verdicts against owner of retirement facility for loan fraud.
  • United States v. Tyler – obtained guilty verdicts against officer of company engaging in securities fraud and ponzi scheme.
  • United States v. Akin – obtained verdicts of guilty in nationwide insurance fraud case. Led task force of more than fifty personnel from Internal Revenue Service, Postal Inspection Service, Interstate Commerce Commission and Department of Transportation.
  • United States v. Danny Means – obtained not guilty verdict for client charged with bribing an IRS Revenue Officer.
  • Kleinman v. American States Insurance Company – obtained $7.96 million verdict against major insurance company.

Reported Decisions: United States Supreme Court:

  • Douglas v. Independent Living Center of Southern California, 565 U.S. __, 132 S. Ct. 1204, 182 L. Ed. 2d 101 (2012)
  • United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: Moore v. Kayport Package Express, Inc., 885 F.2d 531 (9th Cir. 1989) Commodities Futures Trading Commission v. Topworth International, 205 F.3d 1107 (9th Cir. 1999)
  • United States v. Hagege, 437 F.3d 943 (9th Cir.), cert. denied, 549 U.S. 818 (2006)
  • Independent Living Center of Southern California v. Shewry, 543 F.3d 1047 (9th Cir. 2008) Independent Living Center of Southern California v. Shewry, 543 F.3d 1050 (9th Cir.), cert. denied, 129 S. Ct. 2828 (2009)
  • Independent Living Center of Southern California v. Shewry, 590 F.3d 725 (9th Cir. 2009), vacated on other grounds sub. nom. Douglas v. Independent Living Center of Southern California., Inc., 132 S. Ct. 1204 (2012)
  • Independent Living Center of Southern California v. Maxwell-Jolly, 572 F.3d 644 (9th Cir. 2009)
  • Managed Pharmacy Care v. Sebelius, 705 F.3d 934 (9th Cir. 2012) Managed Pharmacy Care v. Sebelius, __ F.3d __ (9th Cir. 2013)
  • United States District Courts: Managed Pharmacy Care v. Maxwell-Jolly, 603 F. Supp. 2d 1230 (C.D. Cal. 2009)
  • In Re: Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rate Reduction Litigation, 652 F. Supp. 2d 1378 (J.P.M.L. 2009)
  • California Court of Appeals: Best Products, Inc. v. Superior Court, 119 Cal. App. 4th 1181, 15 Cal. Rptr. 3d 154 (2004)
  • People ex rel. Harris v. Rizzo, 214 Cal.App.4th 921, 154 Cal.Rptr.3d 443 (2013)
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