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Los Angeles Billing Fraud Defense Lawyer

At The Law Offices of Stanley L. Friedman, we bring a unique blend of experience and expertise in defending clients against billing fraud charges. As both a former federal prosecutor and a seasoned white-collar criminal defense lawyer, Stanley L. Friedman offers unparalleled insight into the complexities of billing fraud cases, especially in the realms of healthcare and financial sectors.

What Is Billing Fraud?

Billing fraud is a form of white-collar crime that involves the intentional submission of false or inflated bills to unlawfully obtain money. This fraudulent act can take various forms, especially in healthcare and financial industries. Common examples include:

  • Healthcare Billing Fraud: Falsifying patient records, overcharging for medical services, billing for services not rendered, or upcoding services to higher-paying codes.

  • Financial Billing Fraud: Inflating invoices, double-billing clients, charging for nonexistent services, or misrepresenting the cost of goods or services.

Penalties for Billing Fraud

The consequences of billing fraud are severe, often leading to substantial fines, restitution payments, and potentially lengthy prison sentences. The severity of penalties typically correlates with the amount of money involved and the defendant’s criminal history. Additionally, professional consequences such as loss of licensure or business closure are significant considerations for those in the healthcare and financial sectors. Getting help from a skilled and knowledgeable billing fraud defense lawyer is essential to avoiding these serious penalties.

Defenses Against Billing Fraud Charges

Navigating a billing fraud charge requires a strategic and informed defense approach. Defenses which may be available include:

  • Lack of Intent: Demonstrating that the billing inaccuracies were unintentional or resulted from clerical errors.
  • Insufficient Evidence: Challenging the prosecution’s evidence as inadequate to prove fraudulent intent beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Authorization or Consent: Arguing that the billing practices were known and approved by the relevant parties.

At The Law Offices of Stanley L. Friedman, we meticulously analyze every facet of the case to build a robust defense strategy tailored to our client’s unique situation. Based on a detailed analysis of the facts and a thorough understanding of relevant laws, we will be prepared to mount challenges to the government’s case, present robust defenses, or negotiate a resolution favorable to our client.

Steps to Take if Investigated or Charged With Billing Fraud

  1. Seek Legal Representation: Contact an experienced defense attorney immediately. Stanley L. Friedman’s background as a former federal prosecutor provides a strategic advantage in understanding how the prosecution builds fraud cases.
  2. Preserve Evidence: Maintain all records and documents related to the billing practices in question.
  3. Avoid Discussions About the Case: Refrain from discussing the case with anyone other than your attorney to avoid inadvertently harming your defense.
  4. Compliance and Cooperation: Follow legal advice closely and consider the benefits of cooperating with investigations under the guidance of your attorney.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Stanley L. Friedman for Billing Fraud Defense?

With decades of experience in white collar criminal defense amid the Los Angeles legal landscape, Stanley L. Friedman offers a distinct blend of prosecutorial insight and defense acumen. Our firm is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of legal representation, ensuring that every client receives personalized attention and a defense strategy designed to protect their rights and reputation. We understand the intricacies of billing fraud allegations and are committed to guiding our clients through these challenging times with professionalism and expertise.

For those facing billing fraud allegations in Los Angeles, the choice of legal representation is crucial. Contact The Law Offices of Stanley L. Friedman for a consultation, where commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of white-collar criminal defense converge to offer you the best possible defense in your case.

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